girder_large_image_annotation.utils package

Module contents

class girder_large_image_annotation.utils.AnnotationGeoJSON(annotationId, asFeatures=False, mustConvert=False)[source]

Bases: object

Generate GeoJSON for an annotation via an iterator.

Return an itertor for converting an annotation into geojson.

  • annotatioId – the id of the annotation. No permissions checks are performed.

  • asFeatures – if False, return a geojson string. If True, return the features of the geojson. This can be wrapped in {‘type’: ‘FeatureCollection’, ‘features: […output…]} to make it a full geojson object.

  • mustConvert – if True, raise an exception if any annotation elements cannot be converted. Otherwise, skip those elements.

circleType(element, geom, prop)[source]
ellipseType(element, geom, prop)[source]
pointType(element, geom, prop)[source]
polylineType(element, geom, prop)[source]
rectangleType(element, geom, prop)[source]
rotate(r, cx, cy, x, y, z)[source]