girder_large_image_annotation package



girder_large_image_annotation.constants module

girder_large_image_annotation.handlers module


Add annotations to an image on a data.process event

girder_large_image_annotation.handlers.resolveAnnotationGirderIds(event, results, data, possibleGirderIds)[source]

If an annotation has references to girderIds, resolve them to actual ids.

  • event – a data.process event.

  • results – the results from _itemFromEvent,

  • data – annotation data.

  • possibleGirderIds – a list of annotation elements with girderIds needing resolution.


True if all ids were processed.

Module contents

class girder_large_image_annotation.LargeImageAnnotationPlugin(entrypoint)[source]

Bases: GirderPlugin

CLIENT_SOURCE_PATH = 'web_client'

The path of the plugin’s web client source code. This path is given relative to the python package. This property is used to link the web client source into the staging area while building in development mode. When this value is None it indicates there is no web client component.

DISPLAY_NAME = 'Large Image Annotation'

This is the named displayed to users on the plugin page. Unlike the entrypoint name used internally, this name can be an arbitrary string.

girder_large_image_annotation.metadataSearchHandler(*args, **kwargs)[source]