Source code for large_image_source_multi.girder_source

import copy

from girder_large_image.girder_tilesource import GirderTileSource
from girder_large_image.models.image_item import ImageItem

from large_image.exceptions import TileSourceFileNotFoundError

from . import MultiFileTileSource

[docs] class MultiGirderTileSource(MultiFileTileSource, GirderTileSource): """ Provides tile access to Girder items with files that the multi source can read. """ cacheName = 'tilesource' name = 'multi' _mayHaveAdjacentFiles = True def _resolveSourcePath(self, sources, source): try: super()._resolveSourcePath(sources, source) except TileSourceFileNotFoundError: prefix = 'girder://' potentialId = source['path'] if potentialId.startswith(prefix): potentialId = potentialId[len(prefix):] if '://' not in potentialId: try: item = ImageItem().load(potentialId, force=True) ts = ImageItem().tileSource(item) source = copy.deepcopy(source) source['path'] = ts._getLargeImagePath() source['sourceName'] = item['largeImage']['sourceName'] sources.append(source) return except Exception: pass raise