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from girder.api import access
from girder.api.describe import Description, autoDescribeRoute
from import Resource
from girder.constants import TokenScope
from girder.exceptions import RestException
from girder.models.assetstore import Assetstore
from girder.utility.model_importer import ModelImporter
from girder.utility.progress import ProgressContext

from .dicomweb_assetstore_adapter import DICOMwebAssetstoreAdapter

[docs] class DICOMwebAssetstoreResource(Resource): def __init__(self): super().__init__() self.resourceName = 'dicomweb_assetstore' self.route('POST', (':id', 'import'), self.importData) def _importData(self, assetstore, params, progress): """ :param assetstore: the destination assetstore. :param params: a dictionary of parameters including destinationId, destinationType, progress, and filters. """ user = self.getCurrentUser() destinationType = params['destinationType'] if destinationType not in ('folder', 'user', 'collection'): msg = f'Invalid destinationType: {destinationType}' raise RestException(msg) parent = ModelImporter.model(destinationType).load(params['destinationId'], force=True, exc=True) return DICOMwebAssetstoreAdapter(assetstore).importData( parent, destinationType, params, progress, user, )
[docs] @access.admin(scope=TokenScope.DATA_WRITE) @autoDescribeRoute( Description('Import references to DICOM objects from a DICOMweb server') .modelParam('id', 'The ID of the assetstore representing the DICOMweb server.', model=Assetstore) .param('destinationId', 'The ID of the parent folder, collection, or user ' 'in the Girder data hierarchy under which to import the files.') .param('destinationType', 'The type of the parent object to import into.', enum=('folder', 'user', 'collection'), required=False, default='folder') .param('limit', 'The maximum number of studies to import.', required=False, default=None) .param('filters', 'Any search parameters to filter the studies query.', required=False, default='{}') .param('progress', 'Whether to record progress on this operation.', required=False, default=False, dataType='boolean') .errorResponse() .errorResponse('You are not an administrator.', 403), ) def importData(self, assetstore, destinationId, destinationType, limit, filters, progress): user = self.getCurrentUser() with ProgressContext( progress, user=user, title='Importing DICOM references', ) as ctx: return self._importData(assetstore, params={ 'destinationId': destinationId, 'destinationType': destinationType, 'limit': limit, 'filters': filters, }, progress=ctx)